Alejandro Garnacho on the Verge of Achieving What Seven Man United Players Could Not

Alejandro Garnacho on the Verge of Achieving What Seven Man United Players Could Not

There is a possibility that Alejandro Garnacho could join the ranks of Manchester United legends if he is given the opportunity to wear the number seven shirt next season.

It has been reported that Manchester United is considering giving Garnacho the jersey previously worn by Cristiano Ronaldo, who left the club in November. This iconic number, previously worn by George Best, Eric Cantona, and David Beckham, carries immense pressure and expectations.

At the young age of 18, Garnacho would have to handle the weight of such a prestigious number.

If the squad number change occurs, Garnacho would become the first teenager since Ronaldo 20 years ago to wear the number seven for Manchester United. Ronaldo, who joined from Sporting Lisbon, retained the number seven shirt until 2009 when he moved to Real Madrid.

After Cristiano Ronaldo, the number seven shirt at Manchester United was handed to Michael Owen, who had a short but memorable stint with the club. Owen scored a dramatic late winner against Manchester City, helping United secure the Premier League title during his time there.

However, considering his overall contributions, his collection of medals from his time at Old Trafford may be seen as somewhat generous.

Following Owen, the number seven was then taken by Antonio Valencia for one season before he switched to wearing the number 25 in the following campaign. Valencia, an Ecuadorian international, was a fantastic player for Manchester United and would have perhaps honored the number seven jersey better than those who wore it after him.

Angel Di Maria arrived at Manchester United amidst high expectations in the 2014/15 season. He made an impressive start by scoring a remarkable lobbed goal against Leicester City.

However, his time at the club was short-lived, as he spent just one year there, scoring four goals in 32 appearances. Unfortunately, Di Maria’s relationship with United supporters deteriorated due to some negative comments he made about his experience at the club, causing his reputation to suffer.

Memphis Depay was another notable signing who couldn’t quite fulfill the lofty expectations after his transfer from PSV. During his time at United, Depay managed to score seven goals in 53 appearances before eventually being transferred to Lyon.

Alexis Sanchez was the next player to wear the number seven shirt, but his tenure at Manchester United was marred by disappointments. Following the infamous piano announcement video, Sanchez struggled to replicate his exceptional performances for Arsenal.

He scored five goals in his first season with United before being loaned out to Inter Milan. It was a missed opportunity for Sanchez, and his time at United was far from what was expected. The club’s number seven curse continued, as the desired level of success was never achieved.

While there have been struggles for previous players who wore the number seven shirt, such as Edinson Cavani and Cristiano Ronaldo, there is still hope for Alejandro Garnacho.

Cavani had an impressive start, scoring 17 goals and providing six assists in his first season, but his availability was often hampered by injuries and personal reasons, which disappointed fans. Ronaldo’s return to United had a promising start but ended in disappointing circumstances.

Alejandro, there is a legacy associated with the number seven shirt at United, similar to the number nine shirt. Fans have been longing for a player to seize the number seven jersey with the brilliance of Beckham and the coolness of Cantona.

However, Garnacho possesses the advantage of youth and potential. He exudes a star-quality aura and has garnered a significant following among United supporters. While the number seven shirt may be challenging for most, Garnacho has the determination and talent to bear its weight.

Alejandro Garnacho on the Verge of Achieving What Seven Man United Players Could Not

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