Arsenal rob Chelsea of their next John Terry after Frank Lampard mistake

Arsenal rob Chelsea of their next John Terry after Frank Lampard mistake

Chelsea missed out on a long-term leader for their club, similar to John Terry, because they neglected the advice of their former manager Frank Lampard.

 During his initial tenure as the manager, Lampard had expressed a strong interest in acquiring Declan Rice from West Ham, but his request went unheard. Consequently, Rice will be joining Arsenal this season instead.

Rice is set to be officially announced as an Arsenal player very soon, for a staggering fee of £105 million. This transfer will establish him as the most expensive British player ever, surpassing his previous price tag of £80 million from three years ago. The circumstances surrounding Rice’s move could have been completely altered.

Back then, when Lampard was in charge, the talented English midfielder was a prime target for Chelsea. Regrettably for the club, they failed to secure the services of their former academy prospect. Lampard recently emphasized this point during an episode of The Diary Of A CEO podcast, reminding the public about the missed opportunity.

 He said: “Maybe in terms of recruitment you wanted to bring in some players as the future. When I was at Chelsea before I wanted to bring in Declan Rice. I was like ‘This kid’s going to be the captain of Chelsea for the next 10 years.’ Didn’t

Ironically, Chelsea currently find themselves without a captain after parting ways with their skipper, Cesar Azpilicueta. Additionally, the team is undergoing a midfield reconstruction. It is easy to envision how ideal it would have been for Declan Rice, now 24 years old, to play alongside Enzo Fernandez under the guidance of Mauricio Pochettino and take on the captaincy role. However, this hypothetical scenario could have materialized if Rice had joined Chelsea a couple of years ago.

If Rice had fulfilled Lampard’s vision and joined Chelsea, he had the potential to become one of the longest-serving captains in the club’s history, much like iconic figures such as Ron Harris, Dennis Wise, and particularly John Terry, who is widely regarded as one of the most prominent figures in the club’s London-based history. 

Terry, the esteemed England center-back, served the club with distinction for an impressive 13 years, during which he lifted a remarkable total of 16 trophies.

Chelsea has been lacking a commanding presence like Terry’s in recent seasons, and it’s evident how Rice could have filled that void as a similar leader of men.

 Considering his connection to the club from his youth and the prospect of joining forces with Mason Mount, who is now at Manchester United, Rice could have potentially spent the entirety of his career at Chelsea, serving as a top-level captain and leaving a lasting impact on the club.

Chelsea might now be experiencing regret for not placing more trust in Lampard’s judgment regarding Rice. However, in their defense, there were speculations suggesting that Lampard initially envisioned Rice playing as a center-back. 

Nevertheless, under future managers such as Thomas Tuchel and now Pochettino, it is likely that Rice would have been transitioned into a midfield role, where he has established himself as one of the Premier League’s finest players. 

He possesses the ability to excel as a top-level defensive midfielder (No. 6) or box-to-box midfielder (No. 8).

Rice had the potential to become a commanding presence and influential figure both on and off the pitch for Chelsea. However, it is now Arsenal who will benefit from his exceptional qualities, despite Chelsea closely monitoring their former youth player for many years.

Nevertheless, Chelsea still have the opportunity to compensate for missing out on Rice by building a top-level midfield of their own. Bringing in Moises Caicedo from Brighton and pairing him with Fernandez could potentially create a world-class partnership under Pochettino. Additionally, talented teenagers like Andrey Santos and Carney Chukwuemeka have promising futures ahead.

However, it is undeniable that Chelsea’s midfield will never feature Rice, who is set for a lengthy spell with Arsenal. 

Lampard clearly regrets the club’s decision not to sign his compatriot, and he will undoubtedly keep a close eye on whether Chelsea secures the signing of Caicedo and who they appoint as their next captain. 

Such is Rice’s quality that Lampard might still believe the new Arsenal acquisition should be leading Chelsea onto the pitch, just as he himself did on certain occasions.

Arsenal rob Chelsea of their next John Terry after Frank Lampard mistake

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