Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka named best winger in the world

Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka named best winger in the world

Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka has experienced an unprecedented rise in his career, surpassing all expectations. Recently, he has been recognized as the top winger in global football by ESPN.

We are struggling to find adequate words to describe Bukayo Saka, and this latest accolade is a well-deserved recognition for his unwavering dedication since his early days at our renowned Hale End academy.

Since making his debut in the 2019/20 season, Saka has continuously shown remarkable progress. Last year, he had his most impressive season yet, scoring 14 goals in the league and providing 11 assists.

His performances were often indomitable, and opposing defenders resorted to astonishing efforts in attempts to contain him due to his immense impact on games. Now, with ESPN’s acknowledgment of Saka as the best winger in the world, his influence is bound to escalate even further.

“The events of the defining moments of the Euro 2020 final could have broken other young players, but Saka did not allow himself to be significantly affected by the vitriol that came his way,” ESPN wrote. “Instead, supported by his teammates, the young London native further worked on his craft, developing into the best winger in football today. He was a major factor in Arsenal leading the Premier League for five months, and it was definitely not his fault that the north London side ended up conceding the lead to Manchester City in the final weeks of the season.”

Arsenal currently possesses the top winger in global football within its team, and honestly, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Saka was widely regarded as the premier winger in the Premier League last season and has now solidified his position at the forefront worldwide.

He surpassed other talented wingers like Khvicha Kvaratskhelia (ranked second), Jack Grealish (ranked third), Ousmane Dembele (ranked fourth), Gabriel Martinelli (ranked fifth), Riyad Mahrez (ranked sixth), Kingsley Coman (ranked seventh), Rodrygo (ranked eighth), Phil Foden (ranked ninth), and Moussa Diaby, who completes the list.

Having Saka as our standout player feels like a validation of all the challenges he has faced in the past few seasons, and now he is ready to elevate his performance to new heights.

It does feel somewhat surreal to see a player from Arsenal being recognized as the best in the world, considering the ups and downs fans have experienced over the past decade or so. However, things are changing for the better in north London.

The fact that Bukayo Saka is now acknowledged as the premier winger worldwide has a pleasing and satisfying sound to it.

Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka named best winger in the world

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