David Moyes shares the latest on Declan Rice to Arsenal

David Moyes shares the latest on Declan Rice to Arsenal

During a recent press conference in Perth, Australia, David Moyes, the manager of West Ham United, was questioned about the potential transfer of Declan Rice to Arsenal

The speculation surrounding the England midfielder joining the Gunners has been widespread, and it was expected that a deal would have been completed by now. 

Surprisingly, Arsenal has not made any official announcement regarding the transfer. 

This delay has frustrated fans of both clubs, as well as Moyes himself, who expressed his frustration by stating that his team is unable to make any plans until the transfer is finalized.

David Moyes shares the latest on Declan Rice to Arsenal

For a period of more than six months, Arsenal has displayed a strong interest in acquiring Declan Rice.

Last month, the Gunners entered the transfer market with the intention of making the West Ham captain their primary target. Although they faced tough competition from Bayern Munich and Manchester City, it was reported that Mikel Arteta’s team surpassed both of them in terms of their offer.

Over two weeks ago, Arsenal reached an agreement with West Ham regarding the transfer fee for Rice, and the details of the payment structure were also finalized last week. 

The midfielder was even granted permission to undergo a medical examination at the Emirates Stadium, as reported by The Athletic.

Despite the significant progress made in the negotiations between Arsenal and West Ham regarding the transfer of Declan Rice, the deal has not been finalized yet.

 As a result, David Moyes, along with numerous fans, is eagerly monitoring the news to find out if the transfer will eventually be completed.

He said in a press conference in Perth, broadcasted by KeepUp: “I’ve just been listening to Sky and I’ve been taking the news from Sky. I know nothing about it. You (journalists) seem to know more about it than me and getting the news quicker than me. So, I’m happy to listen to what you people say. 

“Until it’s done, we can’t plan anything. We’ll wait and see what happens. Everybody knows the situation, we’re expecting something to happen. I think you just said it was done two weeks ago and it’s still not done.”

The ongoing delay in completing the transfer has been a source of frustration for many, but it seems that the move of Declan Rice to Arsenal is now just a matter of time.

Reports had surfaced, causing concern among Gunners fans, suggesting that West Ham was becoming increasingly unhappy with the length of time Arsenal was taking to finalize the deal. However, David Ornstein addressed those concerns by reassuring everyone that the transfer is indeed “done and dusted” and will be officially announced very soon.

With Arsenal scheduled to embark on their pre-season tour in the United States on Sunday, fans are eagerly hoping that Rice will be unveiled as a new player for the Gunners before then.

David Moyes shares the latest on Declan Rice to Arsenal

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