Fabrizio Romano has just shared some ‘secrets’ about Declan Rice to Arsenal deal

Fabrizio Romano has just shared some ‘secrets’ about Declan Rice to Arsenal deal

Arsenal is close to finalizing the signing of Declan Rice from West Ham United, and Fabrizio Romano has recently disclosed some exclusive details about the deal.

The Gunners have made an impressive move, demonstrating their prowess by competing with Manchester City for a player and emerging victorious. Not many clubs possess such capability.

It appears that Arsenal has accomplished this feat, and in a video on his YouTube channel, Fabrizio Romano has divulged that the exceptional efforts of Mikel Arteta and Edu are the driving force behind this achievement.

Fabrizio Romano shares ‘secrets’ about Declan Rice to Arsenal deal

Arsenal’s recruitment activities in the past couple of years have been remarkable.

Mikel Arteta and Edu have consistently made astute transfer decisions, without any major missteps. Their exceptional work behind the scenes deserves significant recognition.

Declan Rice has long been Arsenal’s primary target, but acquiring his services was never going to be a simple task. The competition from other clubs made it a challenging endeavor. However, it appears that Arsenal is poised to emerge as the victor in this pursuit.

Fabrizio Romano has provided insights into the reasons behind Arsenal’s potential success in securing Rice’s signature.

He said: “Let me say one thing about the secrets of the Declan Rice deal. We have to include once again not just the director, Edu, who has been pushing on this deal and has been trying to find the best strategy for a long time since January, but also Mikel Arteta.

“In the crucial hours when Manchester City submitted an official bid to sign Declan Rice, it was probably the most difficult and intense hours of the negotiations for Arsenal. Also, in that moment, Arteta was always very convinced of having Declan Rice as an Arsenal star.

“He’s been pushing internally, but also on the player side. He’s been explaining the project and talking about how the Arsenal project is perfect for Rice, his ambitious project is for the future and Declan can be a crucial player there. So Arteta has been very clear with all the players Arsenal are negotiating.

“It was the case with Kai Havertz, it’s going to be the same with Jurrien Timber, but especially with Rice. Declan Rice and Arsenal is something that is going to happen also thanks to Edu and Arteta.

“Trust me, they did an incredible job in this story. So just waiting on the final bits of this story and then it’s going to be ‘Here We Go’ for Declan Rice!”

The phrase “Arsene Wenger has done it again” has been frequently used by Arsenal fans on social media. However, it may be time to attribute that line to Edu and Arteta for their remarkable achievements.

If you had informed an Arsenal supporter a few years ago that Stan Kroenke would approve a deal exceeding £100 million to acquire a player from West Ham, they would have considered it unbelievable.

Yet, this scenario is now unfolding, and it is all thanks to the efforts of Arteta and Edu over the past few years.

Reports indicate that West Ham has granted permission for Rice to undergo his medical examination with Arsenal, indicating that a deal is very close to being finalized.

Fabrizio Romano has just shared some ‘secrets’ about Declan Rice to Arsenal deal

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