‘In my opinion’ – Transfer expert drops massive Kylian Mbappe prediction 

‘In my opinion’ – Transfer expert drops massive Kylian Mbappe prediction 

Damian Szurgot, a transfer expert from the 321 Transfer online platform, has privately indicated to Last Word on Football that Kylian Mbappe is expected to make a move to Real Madrid in the near future. 

Szurgot’s platform facilitates direct player transfers between clubs, eliminating additional fees and commissions.

According to Szurgot, despite reported interest from Saudi Arabia and European clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United, Kylian Mbappe is expected to join Real Madrid and confirm suspicions at his current club, Paris Saint Germain. 

The French international aims to leave a lasting legacy in football and believes that playing in Ligue 1 might hinder his chances of achieving the same level of greatness as players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. 

His primary goal is to win the Champions League, which PSG has struggled to secure in their past attempts.

Moving to Real Madrid would be an ideal move for Mbappe as it would increase his chances of winning more silverware. 

The Spanish club has an impressive track record, having won five Champions League titles since 2010-11, including three consecutive wins under Zinedine Zidane between 2015 and 2018.

Recently, Mbappe rejected a lucrative offer from Saudi club Al Hilal, indicating that he may have a private agreement to join Real Madrid next summer.

 PSG, aware of this situation and fearing that the player might leave for free when his contract expires next year, accepted the bid from Al Hilal to secure a fee for the 24-year-old forward. 

The clock is ticking, and PSG is eager to avoid losing Mbappe without compensation, including potential loyalty bonuses remaining on his current contract.

Kylian Mbappe ‘Perfect Example’ of Player Power in Transfer Market

During a broader conversation with LWOF’s Joe Blackburn, Szurgot emphasized that Kylian Mbappe’s situation exemplifies the increasing power that players now hold in the transfer market. 

Mbappe’s youth, talent, and reputation in the game have given him significant control over his future decisions. 

While Szurgot understands the players’ desire for autonomy, he also views the overall situation as “unhealthy” due to the constant power struggle between players and clubs.

An example of this issue can be seen with Leeds United, where players are eager to leave the club as swiftly as possible due to various contract clauses or other factors. 

Szurgot believes that clubs should have more say in handling such transfer sagas since they play a crucial role in connecting players, fans, and commercial partners, acting as the primary “monetary brokers” in the game. 

As a result, clubs contribute the most value and should be given more control over the transfer processes rather than having it primarily dictated by players and their representatives.

‘In my opinion’ – Transfer expert drops massive Kylian Mbappe prediction 

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