Laporta Names Barcelona’s Five untouchables players – report

Laporta Names Barcelona’s Five untouchables players – report

Like most top European clubs, FC Barcelona has a clear understanding of which players they consider essential for the upcoming season under the guidance of coach Xavi Hernandez. They also have a clear idea of the players who do not fit into the coach’s plans or his vision of the new Barcelona.

As a result, there will always be players that the club deems non-transferable, even if they receive offers that exceed their market value in terms of money. The value of such players extends beyond mere financial figures, as they represent something more significant than just their skills on the field.

During an interview with Esports 3, Barcelona president Joan Laporta discussed the club’s financial situation and the urgent need to generate funds. 

He explicitly mentioned that the previous year was more challenging financially than the current year. Laporta also revealed that the club had received significant offers for a few players but chose to reject all of them due to considering those players as “untouchables.”

According to the Spanish outlet SPORT, the following five players are the ones President Joan Laporta has suggested as being ‘untouchable’ in terms of potential transfers:

Frenkie De Jong

To begin with, the highly acclaimed Dutch midfielder Frenkie De Jong garnered significant attention, as confirmed by Laporta, with a staggering €100 million proposal last season from a prominent European team.

Despite the substantial offer, which understandably tempted Barcelona during a difficult period, the Catalan club ultimately opted to decline it and retain the services of the talented Dutch midfielder. Additionally, the president recognizes that the club’s decision to keep him was the correct one, as De Jong is considered a crucial player for their future endeavors.


Pedri, who is regarded as Barcelona’s Golden Boy, has reportedly garnered significant interest from top European clubs. With a current market value of €100 million according to Transfermarkt, he is considered a highly sought-after talent that teams from various elite footballing circles would eagerly pursue.

Nevertheless, Pedri holds a crucial role in Xavi Hernandez’s vision for the team. His style of play, combined with his exceptional technical skills and remarkable awareness, make him an ideal midfielder for Barcelona. As a result, it is expected that Pedri will remain with the club for a long time, solidifying his place as a key player in their future endeavors.

Ronald Araujo

According to reports, Joan Laporta has identified Uruguayan defender Ronald Araujo as one of the untouchable players at Barcelona.

Araujo, with a market value of €70 million, plays a pivotal role in the Barcelona defense. His exceptional skills and defensive contributions have played a significant part in the team’s defensive solidity, as evident from their impressive defensive record this season. It is understandable that he is considered one of the key pillars of the club’s future plans.

Andreas Christensen

Even though Andreas Christensen recently joined FC Barcelona from Chelsea and has only spent one season with the club, he has already made a remarkable impact.

Despite arriving on a free transfer and the potential for significant financial gain if he were to be sold, Christensen is deemed untouchable by Barcelona. This is primarily due to his exceptional defensive skills, which are complemented by a perfect blend of technical quality and awareness—qualities highly valued by the club. Additionally, Christensen has showcased his brilliance within Xavi Hernandez’s system, further solidifying his status as a key player for Barcelona.

Ansu Fati

Indeed, the inclusion of Ansu Fati as one of the untouchables at Barcelona might come as a surprise given recent reports and developments. Despite facing a season filled with disruptions and inconsistencies, the 20-year-old winger managed to finish as the second-highest scorer for the club, trailing only the legendary Robert Lewandowski.

However, the situation surrounding Fati remains uncertain. It is unclear how long it will take for Barcelona to receive a new offer for him or how they will handle it.

 While he was considered untouchable just a season ago, the current circumstances suggest that he has become a valuable asset that could potentially be sold for profit. Ultimately, there are still many decisions to be made regarding Fati’s future at the club.

Laporta Names Barcelona’s Five untouchables players – report

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