Manchester United shock Chelsea after doing something they didn’t expect in Mason Mount transfer talks

Manchester United shock Chelsea after doing something they didn’t expect in Mason Mount transfer talks

Manchester United is currently facing a delicate balancing act, and they are partially responsible for this situation. They are discovering that it is more challenging to improve their reputation in the transfer market than it was to initially build it.

For quite some time, they have been viewed as an easy target in negotiations, and their actions in recent years have certainly played a role in shaping this perception.

The club’s leaders mention a “United tax” when discussing transfers, suggesting that there is a premium associated with dealing with them. However, there is also a sense that other clubs believe they can take advantage of Manchester United.

Being one of the most renowned clubs globally, Manchester United attracts a significant amount of attention. They are frequently linked to numerous players during each summer transfer window, although many of these rumors lack substance. Agents often exploit United’s reputation to generate interest from other clubs for their clients or negotiate better contracts with their current teams.

Moreover, due to United’s immense commercial stature, there is a perception that prices can be inflated when the club expresses interest. For instance, in the previous summer, United inquired about a promising young striker who had received bids of £15 million. However, when United entered the picture, they were informed that the price had increased to £28 million.

Every transfer window, the club faces recurring challenges such as unfounded rumors, the exploitation of their prestigious reputation for no apparent purpose other than its worldwide recognition, and the deliberate insistence of selling clubs to negotiate tough deals solely based on the club’s renowned status.

Furthermore, there are additional noteworthy aspects to consider. It has been four years since Manchester United agreed to pay a record-breaking fee of £80 million to acquire Harry Maguire, making him the most expensive defender at the time.

Not only was the price exorbitant, but United also opted to pay almost the entire amount in a single installment to Leicester City. This payment structure is uncommon in modern transfer deals, as evidenced by the fact that as of last year, Manchester United still had outstanding transfer fees amounting to £307 million.

In a similar vein, less than a year ago, Manchester United spent a staggering £85 million to secure the signing of Antony from Ajax. This fee was astonishing considering that just a month earlier, United had threatened to abandon the deal when Ten Hag’s former club valued the Brazilian winger €20 million lower.

However, when negotiations resumed in the final days of the transfer window, the price escalated from €80 million to €100 million because Ajax was unable to secure a replacement player due to the limited time remaining.

According to a study conducted by the CIES Football Observatory in September of the previous year, Manchester United was found to have paid more than any other European club for transfers during the past decade. The report analyzed 33 significant signings made by United during that period and concluded that their expenditure of €1.59 billion exceeded the market value of those players by €238 million at the time.

Given this historical tendency to overspend, it becomes evident why Chelsea has felt confident enough to reject three offers for Mason Mount and still anticipate that Manchester United will eventually meet their desired price of £65 million for the 24-year-old midfielder.

Manchester United escalated their third bid to £50 million, including an additional £5 million in performance-based add-ons, but Chelsea turned down the offer and maintained their insistence on £65 million. The reduction in price was only £5 million from their initial asking price. Chelsea even made known the terms they would find acceptable through strategically leaked information, suggesting they would settle for £58 million plus £7 million in add-ons.

However, Manchester United has currently reached a point where they have decided not to make any further bids as long as Chelsea maintains their unchanged valuation. Instead, United has shifted their focus to other targets, primarily Moises Caicedo, the midfielder from Brighton.

At Old Trafford, there is a growing sense of frustration regarding Chelsea’s negotiation approach. Chelsea swiftly completed a £25 million deal with Manchester City for Mateo Kovacic, who also had only one year remaining on his contract. Interestingly, a year ago, the roles were reversed when Chelsea signed Raheem Sterling, who was in a similar contractual situation, for £47.5 million.

The situation surrounding Mason Mount, however, presents a different scenario. Or from Manchester United’s perspective, it seems to be a different story altogether. It raises curiosity as to whether Chelsea would have been more inclined to negotiate if they were dealing with a different club.

Erik ten Hag, having identified Mason Mount as his primary midfield target, has been closely monitoring the player since his season in the Eredivisie back in 2017/18. Naturally, he would be disappointed if a deal fails to materialize. However, there is also an awareness of the circumstances and challenges involved.

It is understandable that supporters might feel frustrated by the inability to reach an agreement, but it’s worth noting that the transfer market has become a complex game in itself in recent times. Many may argue that Manchester United should simply give Chelsea whatever they demand, but such an approach is clearly not sustainable, as the club is currently realizing.

If Manchester United were to give in to Chelsea’s demand of £65 million for Mount, not only would it eat into their budget for a striker, but it would also empower other clubs to push for higher fees when negotiating with United. Continuously acquiescing in the transfer market without driving a hard bargain is not a sustainable approach.

Perhaps, albeit somewhat late, United is recognizing the need for a change. Their negotiations for Mount have served as evidence that they have started imposing limits on how much they are willing to pay. That limit has now been reached. The ball is in Chelsea’s court to return to the negotiation table, or United will stand firm and shift their focus to other targets.

Manchester United shock Chelsea after doing something they didn’t expect in Mason Mount transfer talks

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