Marcelo’s son performs Siuuu celebration at graduation ceremony

Marcelo’s son performs Siuuu celebration at graduation ceremony

Marcelo’s son, Enzo Alves, imitated Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous ‘Siu’ celebration during his graduation. 

Enzo, who is 13 years old and part of Real Madrid‘s youth setup, is following in his father’s footsteps. Marcelo, a Real Madrid legend who spent 16 years at the Santiago Bernabeu and won a club record 25 trophies, left the club last summer. 

Enzo had an impressive season, scoring over a hundred goals for Real and achieving a remarkable six-minute hat-trick playing as a forward. Despite his football success, Enzo also focused on his studies, which culminated in a graduation ceremony on June 23. Enzo’s mother, Clarice Alves, attended the ceremony while Marcelo prepared for a match with Fluminense.

Enzo’s mother captured a video of him walking onto the stage to receive his graduation certificate, and in that moment, he performed the Siu celebration, which he had done before.

 She shared the video on her Instagram account, which has around 693,000 followers. The response to the video was varied, with one person describing it as “a bit cringe,” and another person agreeing, saying “cringe.”

A third argued: “You do this at America and you won’t get your diploma.” And a fourth savagely wrote: “The only thing keeping Ronaldo relevant is his celebration.”

Others were fond of the moment, though, with one tweeting: “Perfect if you ask me..” Another commented: “GOAT’s influence in my book.”

“The love and respect between the two families is amazing,” argued one. And another declared: “Ronaldo is the most influential player of all time, Siuuu.”

Enzo has been maintaining an impressive scoring rate of approximately one goal per game in Real Madrid’s academy. His performance caught the attention of the national team selectors, and in April, he was invited to join Spain’s Under-15 squad. Interestingly, despite having Brazilian parents, Enzo chose to represent Spain instead of his parents’ native country.

Speaking about his ambitions for the future, he told The Athletic earlier this year“The one I want the most is to get to the first team and play for Real Madrid. The second is to win a World Cup. And the third one is to continue beating my father at FIFA.”

Marcelo’s son performs Siuuu celebration at graduation ceremony

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