Mason Mount can benefit from two things Casemiro didn’t get at Manchester United

Mason Mount can benefit from two things Casemiro didn’t get at Manchester United

Mason Mount has recently started his career at Manchester United, and while it is still early days, there are already promising signs of his potential.

Manager Erik ten Hag was eager to bring Mount to the team during the summer, and United happily welcomed him, making their midfield stronger in the process.

Opinions about Mount as a player may differ, but both Ten Hag and other coaches like Thomas Tuchel and Gareth Southgate highly value his qualities.

Ten Hag expressed to Mount the significant role he will play while wearing the iconic red shirt, aiming for progress in his second season with the club.

Under Ten Hag’s guidance, United has already laid the groundwork for the upcoming season, with Champions League nights returning to Old Trafford in 2023/24.

The focus now shifts to pre-season preparations, allowing Mount to settle in, the team to work on new tactics, and young talents to showcase their abilities.

Moving forward, Ten Hag’s goal is to narrow the gap between United and Manchester City and Arsenal even further. The best for Mount and Manchester United is hopefully yet to come.

For any newcomer joining a football club, this is the perfect scenario: having ample time to settle in, become familiar with the new environment, and build strong bonds with teammates.

Mason Mount will undoubtedly gain significant advantages from the next two weeks, during which he will participate in six more matches and go through numerous training sessions.

Mount has never seemed to struggle with fitness, but under Ten Hag’s guidance, there is a specific plan and vision for his role at Manchester United, and this period is crucial to emphasize and reinforce that vision.

“He will bring dynamism into our game and that was one of our conclusions last season,” said United’s manager after the win over Leeds United. “His vision is to play the offensive. But also he wants to be multi-functional, he wants to be complete. When you’re playing in midfield, you have to attack, but also you have to defend.”

Mount has an advantage in the situation he’s stepping into. He is the missing element needed to complete the midfield puzzle, which was far from being fully assembled a year ago.

Last summer, when Casemiro joined the team without the benefit of a full pre-season, United made significant progress in the midfield department.

Ten Hag sought an energetic, dynamic, and persistent player like Mount, and now the midfielder is prepared to offer exactly that to the team.

“We have had that time in training and we have been working so hard, so it is great to show that in matches now,” said Mount last week. “We have been working on a few different tactics. I like to start off the press, to give the opposition something to think about and then to combine that with an attacking threat and rhythm of our own.”

While the remainder of July is crucial for Mount, Manchester United fans are eagerly anticipating his performance when the competitive matches begin.

During pre-season, many players may shine but fail to make a significant impact during the actual league campaign. However, this is unlikely to happen with Mount, as his primary strength lies in his capacity to elevate the performance of his teammates and enhance the overall team dynamic.

With additional new signings and a well-established Ten Hag side when the Premier League commences, Mount will have the opportunity to fully showcase his abilities and positively influence the team.

Mason Mount can benefit from two things Casemiro didn’t get at Manchester United

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