Moises Caicedo breaks silence on Chelsea transfer interest

Moises Caicedo breaks silence on Chelsea transfer interest

Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo acknowledges that he is relishing the attention he has been receiving this summer while Chelsea persist in their pursuit of him.

 The Blues are planning to make an initial offer for Caicedo but face difficulty in convincing Brighton to reduce their asking price. 

Brighton has set a value of £100m for the Ecuadorian player, using Declan Rice’s imminent £105m transfer to Arsenal as a reference point.

 Chelsea is willing to pay a substantial amount for Caicedo, but the exact limit is uncertain, making it a prolonged situation that may extend throughout the summer. 

When asked about his experience in the spotlight, Caicedo confessed to enjoying it and striving to stay grounded.

“It’s a very great emotion,” he told Maria Jose Flores. “What guy wouldn’t want them to be talking about him?

“I know how to handle it. I don’t get carried away by emotions. I’m enjoying time with my family for now. There is pressure, but I am calm. I am waiting for whatever God decides. He will know what is best for me.”

In addition, Caicedo discussed Kendry Paez, another player from Independiente del Valle, who is set to join Chelsea in the summer of 2025 once he reaches the age of 18.

“Kendry is a star,” Caicedo admitted. “Watching him play is a pleasure.

“It’s good to see those talents in Ecuador. We know that we have good youth. I am very happy for him, for everything he is doing, for how he is working. May he continue on the right path and go far. He has the talent.”

Moises Caicedo breaks silence on Chelsea transfer interest

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