“Obviously doesn’t seem happy” – Real Madrid defender’s agent hits out at Mbappe’s mother

 “Obviously doesn’t seem happy” – Real Madrid defender’s agent hits out at Mbappe’s mother

Ferland Mendy’s representative, Yvan Le Mée, has been actively engaged during the summer. It seems that Mendy’s position at Real Madrid is uncertain, as the club has indicated that they are open to his departure. 

This decision is understandable given his history of injuries and his recent underwhelming performances.

In a recent interview reported by MARCA, Le Mée openly discussed the possibility of Kylian Mbappe joining Real Madrid, offering insights from an agent’s point of view. He placed the blame solely on Fayza Lamari, the mother of the French footballer.

According to Mendy’s representative, Kylian Mbappe’s mother, who also serves as his agent, is hindering his progress due to her limited understanding of negotiations and market dynamics. This lack of comprehension is preventing Mbappe from fully realizing his potential, as per Ferland Mendy’s representative.

“It’s not her job, she doesn’t have the ability to act. I wanted to set up a restaurant but I don’t know how to cook, so I didn’t. For a moment, you just have to be in reality and do what you know how to do.”

Le Mée expressed his frustration towards Lamari for her immature management of Mbappe’s situation, pointing out that she does not possess an official license for the role. Additionally, he went as far as stating that the young player is discontented with his current club.

“To make arrangements for your son and other players, you should have a license.”

“When you don’t have the codes, and talk to the leader of a historic club as if you were talking to someone you’ve known for a long time, maybe it doesn’t work. You may not know how to handle the situation to get there. He’s still in Paris and obviously, he doesn’t seem happy to be there.”

The agent at the time made a significant claim regarding Mbappe’s current situation. He stated that if the French international had been represented by a specialized agent, he would have already been a player for Real Madrid for two seasons by now. This implies that the agent believed a more capable representative could have facilitated Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid earlier.

“I am convinced that if he (Kylian Mbappé) had had an agent at the time of the negotiations with Real Madrid two years ago, he would have gone to Real Madrid.”

After a prolonged transfer saga, it seems that Mbappe is finally on the verge of leaving PSG. He even issued an official statement confirming his decision to turn down a contract renewal. A potential move to Real Madrid is being discussed, but it is uncertain whether it will happen this summer or in the following one. The agent, however, expressed confidence that the transfer would not take place during the current season.

“Will Mbappé go to Madrid this summer? Absolutely not. I’m close to Real Madrid, they have no money.”

 “Obviously doesn’t seem happy” – Real Madrid defender’s agent hits out at Mbappe’s mother

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