PSG hand Kylian Mbappe transfer boost to Real Madrid

PSG hand Kylian Mbappe transfer boost to Real Madrid

The ongoing Kylian Mbappe transfer saga is intensifying, and he appears closer to leaving PSG than ever before. 

Even last year, when he received applause from Real Madrid fans at Santiago Bernabeu, the possibility of his departure wasn’t as apparent. Recently, it has been revealed that Mbappe has no plans to extend his contract with PSG, which expires in 2024. 

PSG is also determined in their position. They expect Mbappe to either sign a new contract in the coming weeks or leave this summer. As expected, rumors of a potential move to Real Madrid are circulating.

According to journalist Ramon Alvarez, as reported by Geo News, Kylian Mbappe has rejected three contract offers from PSG. The club’s intention now is to transfer him promptly.

PSG hand Mbappe transfer boost to Real Madrid

Ultimately, the outcome of Mbappe’s transfer will largely depend on his agreement.

 If he does not want to remain at PSG when they no longer desire him, it would not be an ideal situation for either party. The upcoming weeks will be intriguing to observe as the situation unfolds. PSG’s willingness to let Mbappe leave will undoubtedly facilitate any potential transfer. 

Despite the complex relationship between the two sides, there are indications that PSG is open to offers from various clubs, which further bolsters Real Madrid’s prospects. 

The long-running Mbappe to Real Madrid saga may finally reach its conclusion soon, but it is important not to assume anything until we see Mbappe wearing the Real Madrid jersey.

PSG hand Kylian Mbappe transfer boost to Real Madrid

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