Real Madrid Joselu’s Response to Arsenal-Linked Transfer Deal

Real Madrid Joselu’s Response to Arsenal-Linked Transfer Deal

Real Madrid striker Joselu referred to David Raya as a ‘animal’ on Instagram after the latter secured a season-long loan transfer from Brentford to Arsenal. 

Raya recently secured a loan move from Brentford to Arsenal.

Joselu, a former player for Newcastle United, has made a similar loan move this summer, suggesting that there may be a recurring motif involving loan moves by Spanish players.

Following his loan move from Espanyol to Real Madrid for the upcoming season, the 33-year-old undoubtedly couldn’t believe his good fortune. 

David Raya has done the same, but Arsenal has the option to purchase the 27-year-old goalkeeper permanently in the summer of 2019. 

It is likely that, if all goes well, the Premier League title contenders will exercise this option, as Raya has not been brought in to assist Aaron Ramsdale, but to replace him as the starting goalkeeper.

Despite this, when Raya posted on Instagram about his transfer to Arsenal, he received numerous comments.

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“Animal, congratulations,”stated Joselu

while Aymeric Laporte and Pablo Sarabia of the Wolves applauded him,

“Congratulations and Good luck.”

Let the conflict begin!

Now that Raya is present, Aaron Ramsdale will realize that he cannot make a single error.

Some may believe that the burden placed on the England goalkeeper is unwarranted because it forces the players to do things they should not.

However, Mikel Arteta has chosen this path, and it will be intriguing to see how things play out.

Real Madrid Joselu’s Response to Arsenal-Linked Transfer Deal

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