Sir Alex Ferguson advice to Erik ten Hag on ideal Man Utd captain

Sir Alex Ferguson advice to Erik ten Hag on ideal Man Utd captain

Manchester United is preparing for a captaincy change due to uncertainty surrounding Harry Maguire’s future. Erik ten Hag, the new manager, is expected to select a new captain as Maguire is no longer favored and may be sold soon.

Sir Alex Ferguson previously emphasized the important qualities needed for the captain’s role. Ferguson had a remarkable list of captains during his successful tenure, including memorable figures like Roy Keane, Eric Cantona, Steve Bruce, and Gary Neville.

However, Bryan Robson stood out as the standout captain for Ferguson.

Speaking in 2021 he said: “The players loved him. They responded to him and he was the longest-serving captain in my time anyway. It’s difficult for a captain because sometimes he has to tell the truth to players, you know? The encouragement he’s got to give them sometimes can be quite volatile and he was like that, but the players did love him.

“They appreciated the time he took on them and another thing, he’s the only captain I knew who could make a decision on the pitch. He didn’t need to look over to me. He would do that and that’s unusual. In fact it’s very unusual because he had the balls to do that.”

According to The Sun, regardless of Harry Maguire’s future club, he will be removed as the captain, and Bruno Fernandes is expected to assume the role. Although Fernandes has previously captained the team, he is now anticipated to be entrusted with the captaincy on a long-term basis.

Ten Hag previously praised Fernandes and referred to him as the team’s captain, even though Maguire still officially held the role. In an interview with MUTV, Ten Hag said: “Of course he’s ready, it’s Bruno Fernandes. He’s tough, he takes responsibility, he wants to play and, of course, we’re happy he’s there because he’s a big players for us and he makes a big impact in every game. He’s our captain, so we’re really happy.”

Fernandes has faced criticism for his behavior on the pitch in the past, with former Manchester United players expressing their disappointment over his tendency to criticize his teammates.

However, Fernandes himself maintains that he is never intentionally “disrespectful,” although he acknowledges that he occasionally crosses the line.

“Sometimes I go over the line,” he told Sky Sports. “I know that. It can happen in the game and it is difficult to control emotions. But I never try to be disrespectful with anyone. We are all competitive and we all want to win. The way I play and feel the game, the passion I feel for it, is how I feel better and how I give the most for my team and to my club. That’s why I play in that way.”

Sir Alex Ferguson advice to Erik ten Hag on ideal Man Utd captain

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