Twist: PSG to file a formal complaint with FIFA regarding Real Madrid’s alleged attempts to lure Kylian Mbappe away from the club

Twist: PSG to file a formal complaint with FIFA regarding Real Madrid’s alleged attempts to lure Kylian Mbappe away from the club

As reported by The Telegraph, Paris Saint-Germain is contemplating lodging a formal complaint with Fifa concerning Real Madrid’s behavior during the Kylian Mbappe transfer saga. 

Barcelona has already held several discussions with PSG regarding the potential transfer of Mbappe, as PSG is determined to sell the striker this month. 

However, the Spanish giants’ attempts to offer three players, including star midfielder Gavi and Ousmane Dembele, have been unsuccessful.

Presently, PSG is in advanced negotiations to acquire Ousmane Dembele separately, aiming to pay €50 million (£42.8 million), the amount specified in his contract until August 1, for the French forward.

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After missing out on Rasmus Hojlund, who joined Manchester United in a deal worth up to £72 million with Atalanta, PSG has also abandoned their attempts to sign Bernardo Silva, as Manchester City is determined to keep the Portuguese international.

PSG is now convinced that Kylian Mbappe has a pre-arranged agreement with Real Madrid to join them for free next summer, which would entail a staggering €160 million (£138 million) signing-on fee.

 Such an arrangement would violate Fifa’s rules as it would involve approaching a player without the permission of his current club. Despite the potential illegality, PSG is further convinced of this agreement’s existence because Mbappe even declined to meet with Saudi club Al-Hilal in Paris, despite their €300 million (£259 million) offer being accepted.

The most probable scenario, however, is that Real Madrid will make a cash offer before the current transfer window closes. This approach may be adopted because any agreement to sign Mbappe for free next year would not be legally binding, leaving them vulnerable to being outmaneuvered by another club.

If Real Madrid decides to pay a fee for Mbappe, PSG has not specified a price but would expect a substantial figure, considering the player’s extraordinary talent, highlighted by his hat-trick in a World Cup Final. 

However, this could raise concerns about how Real Madrid could afford such a deal, given the financial pressures faced by both Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Currently, the Spanish giants face the upcoming season with the absence of Karim Benzema and only the 33-year-old former Stoke City centre-forward Joselu as their recognized striker.

If Mbappe were to move to the Premier League, which seems unlikely, Chelsea would be seen as his most probable destination, despite recent reports suggesting talks with Liverpool have been dismissed by credible sources.

Chelsea has already undergone significant squad changes to bolster their team while navigating Financial Fair Play demands.

 Although they still have players to offload, they have initiated early discussions with PSG. However, doubts remain regarding their ability and willingness to construct an appealing offer and whether Mbappe would choose to join them.

While Mbappe had a positive relationship with former PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino, who is now at the helm of Chelsea, it is unlikely to be a decisive factor.

As of now, the talks have been described as exploratory, gauging the potential possibilities.

Despite Mbappe seemingly being in a strong position – with one year remaining on his current contract at PSG and his reiterated desire to leave for free next summer – there is a risk that an important campaign may go to waste if he doesn’t play.

 PSG’s campaign begins on August 12, starting with a home match against Lorient, and it is expected that the club’s fans may not hold back in expressing their hostility towards the player. 

Moreover, as the captain of France, he cannot afford to miss playing in a season that culminates in the European Championships and the Olympics in Paris, where he is likely to be selected to represent his country in the football tournament.

The deadline for Mbappe to inform PSG about his decision on a one-year contract extension passed at midnight on July 31. 

However, this became irrelevant as he made it clear that he would not sign the extension. Consequently, PSG left him out of their pre-season squad that toured Japan and South Korea and officially put him up for sale.

The optimal scenario, it seems, would be for Mbappe to stay at PSG for one more year, extending his contract until 2025, but with the understanding that he will be sold next summer. This arrangement would be beneficial for all parties involved.

Twist: PSG to file a formal complaint with FIFA regarding Real Madrid’s alleged attempts to lure Kylian Mbappe away from the club

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