West Ham directors laugh at ‘Ridiculous’ Arsenal move in Declan Rice transfer saga 

West Ham directors laugh at ‘Ridiculous’ Arsenal move in Declan Rice transfer saga 

According to Claret & Hugh, Arsenal’s unsuccessful efforts to secure the signing of Declan Rice during the current summer transfer window have caused amusement among the West Ham board members. 

The Hammers news website stated on June 27 that right from the beginning, West Ham has been explicit about their demand for a fee ranging from £110 million to £120 million for their 24-year-old captain.

 David Sullivan, the owner of West Ham, swiftly dismissed Arsenal’s most recent offer for Rice, and insiders from the club have allegedly referred to the additional incentives proposed by the Gunners as “absurd.”

According to Claret & Hugh, Arsenal’s offer to include additional payments in the event that they win the Premier League and the Champions League within the next five years was met with laughter from the West Ham directors.

 These proposed incentives are said to have been regarded as highly amusing by the Hammers’ board members.

The inclusion of clauses, bonuses, and add-ons in a transfer offer is typically expected to be based on realistic and achievable goals. Considering Arsenal’s recent performance in the Premier League title race, where they fell short, and their limited participation in the Champions League in recent years, it does raise questions about the feasibility of their proposed incentives.

 It appears questionable as to why Arsenal would think that West Ham would find such an offer acceptable, given the need for realistic and attainable terms when including additional provisions in a transfer deal.

It seems like a more reasonable approach for Arsenal would be to include incentives based on Declan Rice’s international achievements with England or success in domestic cup competitions such as the Carabao Cup or FA Cup. These types of clauses would align with realistic scenarios and provide a clearer path for potential bonuses.

Considering the current circumstances and Arsenal’s recent performance, it appears highly unlikely that they would win the Champions League in the next five years. The competition’s dominance by teams like Manchester City adds to the skepticism surrounding such a clause.

While it is unfortunate that Rice is expected to leave West Ham this summer, the club is justified in sticking to their valuation and demands. It is frustrating for all parties involved to witness Arsenal prolong negotiations when everyone wants to progress with their summer plans. 

West Ham directors laugh at ‘Ridiculous’ Arsenal move in Declan Rice transfer saga 

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