Why does Trent Alexander-Arnold wear the 66 shirt?

Why does Trent Alexander-Arnold wear the 66 shirt?

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s exceptional talent calls for him to defy the usual conventions when it comes to shirt numbers.

Traditionalists may be shocked if their team’s right-back doesn’t wear the classic #2. But the Premier League’s relaxed rules on squad numbers allow players a lot of freedom in choosing their preferred number.

It would be a complete contradiction to see Liverpool’s Alexander-Arnold, a revolutionary player, wearing the #2 shirt. Fortunately, the English international has remained loyal to the number he was initially given when he made his debut for Liverpool many years ago.

Trent Alexander-Arnold shirt number history

Club/CountryShirt numbers worn
England22, 14, 12, 2, 18, 16, 4, 21, 10, 7
Liverpool U18s15, 2
Liverpool U19s18, 17, 15
Liverpool U21s2
Liverpool U23s2
England U19s2
England U21s23, 21, 17, 2

Why does Trent Alexander-Arnold wear the #66 shirt?

Lee Radcliffe, Liverpool’s kit management co-ordinator, holds the sole responsibility for inspiring countless children to wear the number #66 on their jerseys. 

When Trent Alexander-Arnold made it into the first team at Anfield, Radcliffe assigned him the unique number.

In 2020, Radcliffe shed light on the somewhat random system of allocating kit numbers to young players, stating: 

 “When we get any young lads that come down from the academy, we always deliberately try to give them a high-ish number. We don’t like to give them a low number in case they sort of think they’ve made it straight away, if you know what I mean.”

Radcliffe mentioned that Trent Alexander-Arnold has never expressed a desire to change his number and has consistently been satisfied wearing the double sixes on his jersey.

“I think he’s that laidback that he’s obviously been given the number and thought, ‘Yeah, that’ll do me. I’ll keep that’, and not realised how iconic it’s become over the years,” the Liverpool kitman added.

When Trent Alexander-Arnold was asked in 2020 if he believed the number #66 would remain with him throughout his entire career, he responded with uncertainty, saying, “I don’t know, to be honest.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s remarkable achievements at Liverpool have transformed his #66 shirt into an iconic symbol for the Reds. Since his breakthrough, he has impressed greatly, playing a vital part in Liverpool’s triumphs in the Premier League and Champions League under Jurgen Klopp.

However, he won’t have the opportunity to wear the same number for England’s national team due to restrictions on high squad numbers. Alexander-Arnold has been utilized in various positions for the Three Lions and has worn a diverse range of shirt numbers, even donning the number ten for his more attacking performances.

Why does Trent Alexander-Arnold wear the 66 shirt?

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